Setting a New Standard in GameFi

We're Changing
The Game

Chain Quest is the gaming arm of Crypter that aims to bring competitive gaming in crypto.

A Revolution in P2E Games is Coming

Chain Quest is optimistic about the future of the play-to-earn market, which is expected to grow rapidly thanks to blockchain technology. With Chain Quest, we hope that the growing blockchain-based financial market will reach even more people. Chain Quest is working on a groundbreaking project that will bring the true meaning of gaming to the world of crypto. The days of turn-based NFT games are over, it is time to make NFT games more fun and competitive.

Fighting Game

A skill-based Play-to-Earn Fighting game which captures the essence of arcade fighting classics like Street Fighter, and Tekken, while delivering an in-game economy that rewards players for their combat prowess.

FPS Game

A first-person-shooter game similar to Counter Strike and Call of Duty. Game characters on this game will be the same characters from the Fighting Game. Both games will share the same game characters.

P2E Marketplace

A platform similar to Steam will be born under Chain Quest. This will solve a huge problem in the NFT gaming sector. We aim to put all NFT games in one place making them more accessible for everyone.

Fighting Game

Put Your Skills
to the Test

Fighting games are technical, intense, fast-paced, and reward dedication to the craft more than any other game genre. It’s a perfect fit for a player driven blockchain economy. Those who would already spend the time practicing their moves will be have better advantage to win matches and earn rewards. The competitive Fighting Game Community scene will be augmented through the ability to wager on their skills, put their talents to the test, and Play to Earn.

Multiplayer FPS Game

Team up with
Your Friends

Enjoy the fun of playing a multiplayer first person shooting game similar to Counter Strike and Call of Duty. Practice your skill against bots before jumping in on actual match. Chat with your friends in game. Create or join a match. Use the same character you own from the fighting game. 

Character Design

Our character development process from sketch to colored concept art and eventually turning them into 3D models. Check our Youtube channel if you want to see more.